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Meta is Ending Support For the Original Meta Quest 1

Got an original Meta Quest? We have bad news – Meta is ending support for your faithful VR headset.

The good news is that the Meta Quest won’t take the top of your head off, Saw style, and you’ll still be able to play all those existing Quest-supported games. And you’ll also be able to purchase new ones. But, as revealed by a consumer email, Meta will eventually be waving goodbye to the original Quest.

Sure, the email frames it a little more positively, stating that, “As we look to the future, we remain committed to supporting the community of Quest 1 users and will continue to support the headset with a few changes.”

But it then goes on to list the features owners of the original Meta Quest headset won’t be able to make use of. The “changes” include the following:

  • The Quest 1 headset won’t be getting any new features.
  • Bug fixes and security patches will end in 2024.
  • Quest 1 users won’t be able to create or join online parties.
  • If you’ve got access to Meta Horizon Home social features, you’ll effectively lose them in March of 2023.

Yes, it sounds very much as if Quest 1 owners won’t be able to fully embrace the Metaverse. We bet you’re just crushed to hear that. So what, then can you do?

Well, upgrading to a Meta Quest 2 is an option. The base 128GB model is priced at $399.99/£399.99 and, right now, Meta are bundling the headset with a free Elite Strap. Or if you do hang onto yours, you can count on someone cracking the headset wide open.

Yes, you can already install non Meta-approved apps using SideQuest. But when support does end there’ll be more of an incentive to go to town on it. Right now there are apps like the Quest Games Optimizer but we’d expect hardcore Quest 1 fans to take things further than even that.

What’s especially disappointing about this news is the Quest only launched four years ago. Yes, the Quest 2 superseded it but by contrast, Microsoft supported the Xbox 360 for eleven years.

Right now, if you’re happy with the Quest and you’ve not found yourself craving a Quest 2, just make the most of it. Let’s just hope the Meta Quest 2 has a longer life than its predecessor.

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