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My Time at Sandrock Has a Multiplayer Beta Kicking Off Next Week

My Time at Sandrock, currently in Early Access, is a lot of fun solo, but what will it be like with a few other players involved?

You’ll be able to find out next week when the multiplayer component of My Time at Sandrock is opened up for an, er, open beta. You can read our impressions of the single-player game here but the new multiplayer features promise to be a little different.

For a start, you won’t just be playing the single-player game with a few other players thrown in. The multiplayer mode has been tailored with more multiplayer-oriented tasks. It’s described as a “semi-fictional” history of the town which is a rundown state before your solo player gets there. In essence, it’s a prequel to the main game which is an interesting approach.

It’s also the first time developer Pathea Games has given one of their life-sim games a multiplayer mode. We loved My Time at Portia but that was strictly single-player only. That begs the question.. how do you and your friends bring the town of Sandrock to life?

Luckily, since this is an open multiplayer beta you don’t have to jump through hoops. As detailed over on the Steam Store, you will need to own the game but if you do, you can click on the multiplayer option between Jan 12th and Jan 20th and away you go.

This is the second My Time at Sandrock multiplayer test. It’s distinctly non-competitive so there shouldn’t be any yelling about Character X being too powerful. But you can expect a few tweaks and changes before the game leaves multiplayer access.

And if you’ve not played My Time at Sandrock, you can pick it up on PC right now.

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