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Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters Review

Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters 2

Like its real world counterpart, there’s always some drama going on in Gamindustri.

In Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters, the world of Gamindustri is aghast when Neptune, Goddess of Planeptune, goes missing after setting out on a mission to the PC Continent. And to make matters even worse, Nepgear, Neptune’s younger sister, has been trapped in a strange capsule for two years. Now emerging to a world ravaged by outbreaks known as Trendi Phenomenon, it’s up to Nepgear and her friends to try and restore Gamindustri to its former glory. And hopefully save Neptune, of course.

As you’d expect, the story of Neptunia: Siaters VS Sisters is absolutely nonsensical. Fans of the series will be used to it by now though, and won’t mind the long bouts of inane chatter filled with incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo. Characters appear, old and new. Some of them are deadly serious, others are more concerned about what dessert they’ve got packed for the journey ahead, or how squishy their newfound friends are. Ultimately, there are some laughs to he had, but there’s little here to draw in new fans.

In terms of gameplay, Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters should also be very familiar to fans. A lot of time is spent clicking through dialogue, though some of it is voiced and available in both Japanese and English. Eventually though, it’s time for action, and via a world map you can either push on with the critical path or undertake side missions. Just don’t go in expecting the side missions to excite you – they’re mostly fetch and hunting quests.

Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters 1

Select a location and you’re free to explore, taking control of Nepgear or one of her companions from a third-person viewpoint. While progression is fairly linear, there is the odd opportunity to go off the beaten patch to explore and perhaps find a helpful item or two. On the whole though, environments are fairly nice to look at but are pretty empty, leaving you with not much to do but push forward.

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Like most RPGs these days, enemies can be seen roaming around, giving you the opportunity to either avoid them or give them a good whacking so you can enter combat at an advantage. It’s recommended that you don’t avoid combat too much, otherwise you might eventually find yourself under-levelled for the challenges at hand. Mind you, even if you do engage in a lot of battles, you’ll certainly find some randomly encountered enemies much stronger than others.

Rather than the turn-based combat of traditional Neptunia outings, Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters has a real-time combat system that puts emphasis on action. You’re free to run around the battlefield as you wish, though to perform attacks you need AP which replenishes over time. As ever, performing combos is key, and you can also switch characters to chain them and cause massive damage to your foes.

Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters 3

While some characters engage their targets with melee weapons, others hang back and attack from range. Sometimes it pays to take control of the character best suited to taking out a particular opponent, making efficient use of their unique skills to best support the team. Thankfully switching between your three active party members is quick and easy. Overall though, there’s not much about the combat system to praise.

It’s clunky and there’s not much feel to it, making it something that you live with rather than enjoy. Even once you’ve unlocked a fair few skills so that you can customise your combos and employ a range of special attacks, it’s nothing more than perfunctory – something that you just get on with to enjoy the story. And so, if you’re not enjoying the story, there’s little to keep you playing.

On top of the gameplay woes, there’s something else to be down about when it comes to Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters: its performance. While it can look pretty at times, it in no way should be making the PS5 break a sweat. Yet a 30fps frame rate suggests otherwise, and that’s made even worse by a camera that often seems to judder as it follows Nepgear or whoever else you decide to take control of. If you’re like us, you might struggle to play the game without beginning to feel a little nauseous.

Devout Neptunia fans keen for another outlandish escapade to lose themselves in will no doubt get some enjoyment out of Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters. There’s little here for anyone else, though. Far better RPGs exist on PS5, and even as Neptunia games go this is a bit of a disappointment thanks largely to its ho-hum combat system. So, perhaps give it a miss unless you really must spend more time in Gamindustri.

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This review of Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is based on the PS5 version, with a code provided by the game’s publisher. It’s available on PS4, PS5 and PC.

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