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PayDay 3

Payday 3’s Newly-Revealed Logo Needs More Fast & Furious Energy

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We’ve got good news and bad news about Payday 3, the latest entry in the multiplayer rob-em-up series.

The good news is that, as previously suggested, Payday 3 is definitely coming this year and it’s now available to wishlist on steam. It’s being co-developed by Starbreeze Studios and Overkill Software which is, in fact, is a story in itself. Why? Because Overkill took a hit after their The Walking Dead game fell flat on its face.

As we noted in our hands-on impressions, it was basically Payday with zombies, rather than feeling like a full-on The Walking Dead game. Starbreeze ended up buying Overkill – if they hadn’t, it’s possible that we wouldn’t have got a Payday 3. Yes, Overkill created the first two Payday games but the failure of Overkill’s The Walking Dead (yes, they really put their name in there) absolutely didn’t do the studio any favours.

Want some more good news? There’s also a teaser trailer, though it’s basically a glorified cutscene. Overkill have declared 2023 “The Year of Payday 3”, so let’s hope they don’t end up delaying it till 2024. That could certainly be a little embarrassing. You’ll be playing, once again, as the Payday Gang who have been forced out of retirement. There is going to be a single-player mode but you can expect multiplayer to be the game’s main focus.

The bad news is that the logo they’ve gone with, which you can see above, is pretty uninspiring. Come on.. no subtitle? No putting the numbers inside the logo? What, no P3yday, Payd3y or – to go all out – P3yd3y? Have Overkill/Starbreeze never seen a single Fast & Furious trailer?

Oh well. You can wishlist Payday 3 on Steam here, though it’ll launch on PC and console. If all goes well, it’ll arrive this year, published by Prime Matter.

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