PowerWash Simulator is Crossing Over With Tomb Raider

Powerwash Simulator Tomb Raider

PowerWash Simulator next update will take you to Croft Manor, home of Tomb Raider’s artefact-stealing adventurer.

The content arrives this January 31st, the same day that PowerWash Simulator hits the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. It was announced over on the PlayStation Blog but non-Playstation owners needn’t worry. The content is coming to all platforms, including the PC and Xbox where the game is currently available.

Even better it’s completely free, produced in concert with Crystal Dynamics. No, we’re a good while off getting a new Tomb Raider game, so that’s not the reason for this collaboration. Maybe Crystal Dynamics are celebrating regaining control of the Tomb Raider franchise.

This new mini-campaign is split into five levels so you likely won’t get to roam the whole of the manor at once. That’s a bit of a shame since we wanted to check if Lara Croft’s butler was still locked in the freezer. But you’ll get to power wash her jeep, her obstacle course, “her” collection of antiquities and more.

If you’ve not already played PowerWash Simulator, it’s well worth diving into, especially since it’s free to play on Game Pass. Admittedly, power washing the mud off cars and so on might not sound like fun. But it’s actually ridiculously relaxing and satisfying with it. Standing back and admiring our handiwork always gives us a grin.

PowerWash Simulator’s Tomb Raider content, dubbed the Tomb Raider Special Pack, arrives this January 31st.

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