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R-Type Final 3 Extended Gets its First Enemy-Annihilating Trailer

R-Type Final 3

R-Type Final 3 Extended has a new trailer and it looks to be suitably punishing.

That’s not a bad thing if you’re a hardcore R-Type fan. We reviewed the last entry in the long-running shoot-em-up series back in 2021 and managed to get a kick out of it. Though we did wonder if, by making a single hit fatal, they weren’t discouraging new players.

But developer Granzella seems to know their market and this latest entry is set to kick your bottom every bit as much as the original. We’ve fond memories of tackling the original (we’re so very old) so we’ll be curious to see whether this latest entry can deliver.

What is clear is that it includes some absolutely colossal foes. You’ll get to blast your way through a worm’s guts, all while trying not to smash into the moving walls. It could be time to dig out the “special” autofire enabled joypad for this gorgeous but potentially punishing game.

So when you can get your bottom kicked by R-Type Final 3 Extended? It’s set for a March release, when it arrives on PlayStation 5. However, there’s one thing to know before you start squirrelling away your money – this isn’t exactly a sequel.

No, despite the title it’s a revamped version of R-Type Final 2. So if you have played that game this entry may seem a little familiar. There are new stages and it looks even prettier, but, despite the “3” in the title, it’s not completely new.

Still, if you haven’t tackled R-Type Final 2 or just want to revisit a fresher, fancier version of it, R-Type Final 3 arrives on Playstation 5 this March 23rd.

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