Robo-Busting FPS Atomic Heart Has Gone Gold

Atomic Heart Gone Gold

Atomic Heart, which sees you tackling a robot uprising in an alternate Soviet Union, has gone gold.

We’ve been looking forward to Atomic Heart for a while but it was delayed until Winter. And while we had our fingers crossed for a December release, it ultimately ended up with a February launch date. The good news is that now it’s gone gold (as confirmed by developer Mundfish), the chances of a further delay are practically nil.

This FPS takes place in an alternate 1950s era Russia, where the Soviets have developed all manner of robotic beings. The technology helped them crush the Nazis but, as you might have guess, things start going awry. You’re sent in to deal with an uprising that could turn into a full-blown robo-apocalypse.

If anything, it reminds us of the BioShock trilogy, albeit without the danger of drowning or falling to your death. It’s also coming to Xbox Game Pass so if you subscribe to Microsoft’s service you can play it for free. We have our fingers crossed it’ll turn out to be a little more complex than just robots = bad, but we’ll have to see.

“Gold gold” means mean that the final version of the game has been readied for release. However, more and more games receive 0 day patches, meaning there could still be a hefty download awaiting when you pop the disc in. Still, we hope Atomic Heart will be worth a brief bit of thumb twiddling.

Atomic Heart arrives on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC this February 21st.

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