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This Food Truck Has Mario Kart and We’re So Jealous

16 bit racers

There’s a food truck that lets you pay Super Mario Kart while you’re waiting and we’re deeply, deeply envious of its awesomeness.

Yes, you can play Super Mario Kart at home or on the go via Nintendo Switch Online or any number of naughty emulation devices. But there’s something so appealing about queuing up for food and playing a lap or six of Nintendo’s old-school racer.

This retro-gaming friendly truck was spotted by Reddit user TheGuyAtGameStop, and is a regular fixture in their Texas home town. As far as we can tell, from the picture, it’s set up to play the original SNES Super Mario Kart. Though if it’s using the SNES Mini, there could be twenty other games on offer.

The only snag is what to do when your food arrives. Super Mario Kart is a smart choice as a single race doesn’t, typically, take more than a few minutes. We’d be tempted to reorder, just so we could keep playing without the owner glaring daggers at us. As for other customers? They can wait.

This food truck in my town has Super Mario Kart for while you wait 😀 from gaming

The one fly in the ointment is the potential hygiene issues. As one spoilsport Redditor pointed, put it, “Sounds fun until you work there and realize how little the controllers get sanitized”.

So, unless the owner wipes them down after every customer, those joypads may not be germ-free. And then, unless you have foresight to wash them, you’re then touching your food with your hands.

Still, it’s a very cool idea and as cool customer service ideas go, this Super Mario Kart-equipped food truck is hard to beat.

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