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This The Last of Us Clicker Cosplay is Nightmare Fuel on a Budget

The Last of Us HBO Show

Poor old HBO. Sure, viewing figures for The Last of Us are through the roof, but they could have saved themselves some cash with a bit of low-cost cosplay.

In, fact they could have just given LowCostCosplay, aka Anucha ‘Cha’ Saengchart a call. His God of War cosplay was excellent but he’s really knocked it out of the park with this amazing and disturbing Clicker cosplay.

True, Saengchart probably has a little more cash lying around than he used to. He regularly does sponsored cosplays, but he still sticks to his semi-improvised cosplay format. So, with The Last of Us hitting headlines thanks to HBO’s show, he’s disguised himself as one of the show’s infected.

If you’ve yet to see the show, or play the game it’s based on, we won’t spoil it for you. But we will tell you that the Clickers are pretty nasty. They move around using sound, listening in for the slightest noise the uninfected may make. Why? Because, in the advanced stages of infection, there’s very little of their faces left.

Saengchart has attached a handful of mushrooms and smeared what looks to be ketchup around his face. He’s also pretty adept at painting his body, so he’s nailed the grey skin tone and unsettling, bumpy flesh. You can feast your eyes on his work below.

You can follow LowCostCosplay on Twitter and, believe us, he’s well worth a follow. Some of his efforts, this included, are mind-blowingly good. Some, on the other hand, are knowingly silly but you’ll get a big kick out of those too.

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