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Tips For Winning at Match Masters (Without Spending Money)

Match Masters tips

I’ve got a confession to make: I’m addicted to the mobile game, Match Masters.

So addicted that I’ve probably spent 100s of hours on it in the last few months. I haven’t checked or counted. I haven’t dared. The good news is, though, that by playing for so long I’ve learned a few things. Some tips that can hopefully help you win at Match Masters, without having to spend anything.

That’s the thing, you see: despite being free-to-play, Match Masters is absolutely stuffed full of microtransactions, and it can be oh-so-tempting to spend your hard-earned money in the hopes of winning. But buying its various boosters doesn’t always increase your chances of winning.

I’m here to help you avoid falling into the trap of spending a lot of money on Match Masters while hopefully increase your chances of winning at the game. Good luck.

1. Use regular boosters in standard head-to-head games

Match Masters is, primarily, a head-to-head match-three game. And so most of your time with the game will be spent battling another real-life opponent. Match Masters changes its algorithm quite often, but currently, you’ll only ever be matched with someone either with the same level booster as you, or one level lower or higher. In other words, if you’re playing with a basic free booster, you’ll never find yourself up against someone with a Legendary booster.

This wasn’t the case only a few weeks ago – and so I can’t guarantee it will stay this way. But right now, it means you have a better chance of winning a match by using a free white booster, or a yellow booster. By using one of those, the highest you’ll go up against is a purple diamond booster. If you use a Special Edition booster, on the other hand, you’re guaranteed to be playing someone with a Legendary or Special Edition. Those are powerful boosters, and there’s a good chance you’ll lose.

2. Select your perks well, and remember to use them

Along with a booster, for every game of Match Masters you play, you can use two perks. These are special skills that can give you an advantage in a match. Always remember to use them – but more importantly, choose them carefully depending on the type of match you’re playing. Try them all out, and figure out your favourites. Be warned that some of them cost more coins than others, but you’ll usually have a good stock of most of them simply by playing.

3. Find a team to join

Match Masters has teams, and by joining a team you can gain access to new events, team rewards and other perks. By joining a team, you can request a free booster from them once a day. Team members may also give out boosters, and your team’s collective progress will earn you other rewards throughout a season, too. Be warned, though: the highest-level teams in the game have strict rules and will expect you to play the game for hours a day to meet their criteria. I really don’t recommend you do that, so find a friendly, semi-active team instead.

4. Save high-level boosters for solo games – with caution

Every day, there’s a selection of solo games to play, with a very tempting prize pot waiting at the end of them. If you have any high-level boosters, I’d recommend saving these for solo events. Unless it’s a special event that can only be played with a lower-level booster, most will require a Legendary or Special Edition booster to even have a chance at winning. The prizes awarded for winning a solo game can be huge, including boxes of Legendary boosters and large amounts of coins. But try not to get sucked into them: you can easily lose way more boosters than you’ll win by trying to get the grand prize. If you didn’t come close the first time, you probably won’t the second or third time.

5. Ignore sticker books

Who doesn’t love a sticker book? Match Masters knows most of us can’t resist, and so has loaded the app with a collectathon: endless sticker books. You’ll be awarded stickers for getting milestones and other various achievements, and it feels great to see a book come together. But every sticker book has rare stickers that you’ll unlikely to get unless someone gifts to you – or you pay for it. And way before you’ve finished one, Match Masters will unlock a new album for you. There seems to be an endless amount of sticker books, so it’s impossible to “complete” them. Truly, the best way is to ignore them and don’t strive to collect them. It’s a losing game.

6. Collect daily freebies

Every day, you’ll be able to collect a free spin from the shop page within the app. The spin will give you a booster, some perks or some coins – and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a high-level booster, although it doesn’t happen very often. If you don’t mind watching a 30-second ad, there’s a second daily spin available for free, too.

You can also visit Match Masters on various social media sites to collect more freebies: every day, it shares links to free boosters, coins and more. If you don’t mind spending five minutes or so gathering them all, it can certainly help.

7. Have fun

At the end of the day, Match Masters is a game. It’s supposed to be fun. If you find you’re not enjoying yourself, simply step away from the game. I’ve found that turning off for a bit can help break a losing streak, too. Avoid temptation to spend money on the store, and simply enjoy the game with freebies. Trust us: spending money on high-level boosters will never get you very far – they’ll all be gone in minutes, and you’ll be left with nothing but a hole in your wallet and a feeling of dissatisfation.

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