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Tips to Help You Master Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise PS5 3

Monster Hunter Rise is now available on more formats than ever before, having been released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

This latest entry in the much-loved series is perhaps the most accessible yet, despite being packed with new features that make the gameplay richer and deeper. Those who have played previous entries should be able to jump into it and hit the ground running, then. But those who are making Monster Hunter Rise their first may need some helpful tips to assist them.

For that reason, we’ve put together a quick list of tips to help newcomers master Monster Hunter Rise. Take these on board and you should find yourself having a much easier time with game, and will possibly like it more as a result.

Always eat before going on a quest

If you’re heading out on quests in Monster Hunter Rise without visiting the canteen and eating a meal first, you’re doing things wrong. Canteens can be found both in the outside village area and the Gathering Hub, and there you can buy tasty Dango with either your hard-earned money or Kamura points. Either way, it’s not expensive, and gives you valuable health and stamina meter boosts for your upcoming quests.

On top of that, the Dango you eat can provide a variety of other bonuses, too. You’re able to put together your own selection of three buns, each with a chance of activating a bonus such as reducing the amount of damage you take and more. So, eat Dango, and give yourself an easier hunt.

Make use of switch skills

New to Monster Hunter Rise, Switch Skills give you access to new combat techniques that can give you an edge in battle. Two types of Switch Skills are available: those you perform when drawing your weapon, and those performed in conjunction with wirebugs, also new to Monster Hunter Rise. The latter can be particularly useful, allowing you to do considerable damage to your target while absorbing a hit and more.

All you need to do to perform a wirebug-enabled Switch Skill is hold the left trigger and press the strong attack button, though you need a wirebug available, of course. Keep an eye on your wirebug availability at the bottom of the screen. And be aware that you can gain access to more Switch Skills throughout the game. You can change the ones you have equipped by visiting an item box.

Use village quests to grind for monster materials

You’ll need to keep crafting and upgrading your weapons and armour if you want to progress through Monster Hunter Rise, and to do that you need materials. Eventually you’ll progress past the village quests, and have to take on quests via the Gathering Hub to progress the story. If you need any materials that can be obtained from monsters found in the village quests, however, they’re worth revisiting. Basically, the monsters found in the village quests are weaker and have less health, so you can farm materials from them much more efficiently.

Find the best gathering locations on each map

With each quest taking you to one of the unique locations available in Monster Hunter Rise, it makes sense to gather helpful and valuable resources while you’re there. With that in mind, keep note of where the best gathering points are in each location, and perhaps create routes that go via them to reach your targets. Opening up the map can be useful when in a location to find out where the best gathering points are, too. When it comes to ore deposits, for example, the ones that have the highest chance of giving you the rarest ore are white, so make sure you visit those.

Use expeditions to gather materials without risk

Following on from the previous tip, if you want to explore a location without a time limit or an objective to complete so you can explore more thoroughly, be sure to embark on an expedition. These are great for gathering materials and killing smaller monsters for their parts and a whole lot more. Sometimes gathering points give you increased resources during expeditions, too.

Try all weapons to see which work for you

There are many weapon types available in Monster Hunter Rise, each with their own moveset. There’s the longsword, for example, that allows for powerful attacks, the sword and shield, a combo that allows you to guard and counterattack, and even a range of bowguns that allow you to attack from a distance. If you’re unsure which is the best weapon type for you, one of the best tips we can give you for Monster Hunter Rise is to try them all out. You can easily switch between them by visiting an item box, and if you head into the Hunter’s notes section in the menu you can find detailed information as to how to use their unique features.

Prepare when facing off against powerful monsters

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Those words ring very true when it comes to Monster Hunter Rise, and if you only heed one of our tips, let it be this one. If you go into a fight with a monster that breathes fire, for example, there’s a good chance your fire-based weapon won’t be too effective against it. And if your armour is weak against fire, you’re in for a doubly hard time.

Of course, the first time you fight a monster you may not know what to expect, but over time you’ll gain valuable knowledge that you should exploit. Head into the Hunter’s notes and you can review what you’ve found, including monster weaknesses and more. You can then gear yourself up to give you an increased chance of emerging victorious.

Gear up your Palamutes and Palicos

While Monster Hunter Rise is best enjoyed with others, it’s a lot of fun to play alone, too. In fact, Monster Hunter Rise is more welcoming to solo players than ever, allowing them to take both a Palico and Palamute into quests with them. While Palamutes are all about helping you take down monsters by dealing damage to them, Palicos can also be focussed on supporting or healing you. What you might not realise, however, is that you can equip them with stat-boosting armour and weapons to make them even more useful. Talk to the cat at the side of the blacksmith and you’ll find a wide range of armour and weapons can be crafted for your Palico and Palamute pals. Be sure to gear them up so they can better assist you.

Complete optional quests

If you’re going to be completing quests, you might as well maximise your rewards you gain by doing them. When visiting quest vendors, be sure to check out the optional quests that are on offer and take some on. Up to five optional quests can be active at any one time, rewarding you for completing basic tasks such as slaying small monsters, completing quests in selected locations and more. As well as earning Kamura points, you’ll earn armour spheres and other useful items for completing these optional quests, making them very worthwhile indeed.

Pay attention to skills

In the early stages, simply crafting new armour is worthwhile just for the defence bonus that it provides. As you get further into Monster Hunter Rise, however, you also need to consider the skills provided by them. Each piece of armour has one or more skills attached to it, and they can greatly benefit you in quests. If you’re playing with a weapon that includes a shield, for example, you might want to equip armour that makes guarding more effective. Eventually, you’ll even start crafting weapons and armour that have slots where you can equip decorations, allowing you to add more skills.

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