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Want To Be a Cockney Ghoul? Fallout: London is Looking for Voice Actors

Fallout London Auditions

Fallout: London, a massive Fallout 4 mod, is advertising for voice-actors to help bring its characters to life.

Could Fallout: London’s casting call be your chance to voice a cockney ghoul? Quite possibly, but the team is after a much more diverse range of voices, from actual native UK speakers. Sorry, Keanu Reeves, that’s you right out of the running.

The recording, which will be done remotely, will take place up until October of this year, with applications closing at the end of March. All the details are contained in this Google Document which also states the roles will include, “.. stuffy parliamentary aristocrats to a resurrection of the Knights of the Round Table to an uncompromising cult of revolutionaries (and more!)”

But.. hang on a minute, isn’t this mod set for a 2023 release? It was, and as far as we know it still is. The Fallout: London team state that “For those unaware, in community mod projects the Voice Acting department is always one of the last parts to be implemented.” That may be true, but it seems the mod won’t see the light of day till November at the earliest.

One question does remain – is this paid work? The team have yet to confirm whether there’ll be any remuneration involved but the answer is almost certainly no. The project, which we’re seriously looking forward to, is a labour of love. Not only is the mod set to be free, the people working on it are volunteering their time. So, based on that, we doubt the voice actors will get paid.

But if you’re interesting in lending your voice to this very British piece of post-apocalyptia, you can apply here.

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