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What Difficulty Should You Play Dead Space Remake On?

Dead Space Remake

Wondering which difficultly level you should be playing the Dead Space remake on? After all, there are five to choose from.

We’re going to be boring and suggest you play Dead Space remake on Medium difficulty level. Why? Because it’s what the game refers to as its baseline. It’s how the game was, arguably designed to be played. However, that doesn’t mean you should turn your nose up at the other difficulty levels.

There are five difficulty levels in all: Story, Easy, Medium, Hard and Impossible. You can still die playing Story difficulty, but it should make the game much, much easier. Hard mode, on the other hand, has Isaac doing less damage and the Necromorphs doing more. But if you’d like a challenge, go right ahead.

The good news is that you can switch between Story, Easy, Medium and Hard at any time, by loading up the menu and going to “gameplay”. You can also do that during gameplay, without the need to quit to the main menu.

And then… there’s Impossible Mode. This can only be accessed at the start of the game and is Hard Mode with a few extra conditions. There’s no autosave and you only get one save slot, which might sound a bit tough. You’ve not heard the best, though.

Die once while playing Dead Space in Impossible Mode and you have to either restart or switch down to Hard Mode. It’s essentially a permadeath mode, though the good news is that if you make through the game in Impossible mode you get a couple of well-deserved bonus items.

So, we’d recommend you start Dead Space on Medium difficulty if you regularly play action games. And if you don’t, start on Story mode and increase the difficulty level if you’re finding it too easy.

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