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What Difficulty Should You Play Forspoken On?

If you’re jumping into Forspoken for the first time, you might be wondering what difficulty you should play on. Let us help you decide.

A fantasy adventure game from Square Enix, Forspoken casts you as Frey, a young woman from New York who finds herself mysteriously transplanted in the magical world of Athia. Filled with dragons and magic, it’s a far cry from her home in Hell’s Kitchen. But to find her way back to New York, she’s going to have to get to grips with how things in Athia work. That’s where you come in. And thankfully, before you start playing Forspoken, you can choose one of four difficulty settings.

The difficulty options for Forspoken aren’t your typical settings: there’s no ‘Easy’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Hard’ here. Instead, the settings you can choose between are more descriptive, letting you choose the are of the game you’re most keen to focus on. Here are the four settings and their descriptors:

  • Focus on the Story – Recommended for players who just want to enjoy watching the game’s narrative unfold
  • Explore the open world – Recommended for players who want to visit every corner of the game world
  • Take part in challenging battles – Recommended for players who are used to playing action games
  • Default – Recommended for players who want to enjoy a balance of all gameplay elements

We’d recommend most players choose ‘Default’, as this balances all elements of the game, presumably as designed by the development team.

We think Focus on the story is likely to be the easiest option of all three, giving players the maximum amount of assist in battle. On the flip side, Take part in challenging battles will be the hardest of Forspoken‘s four difficulty levels. Selecting this will make battles more tough to overcome.

Tailor Forspoken‘s difficulty in the settings menu

However, no matter which option you choose, you can head into the game’s menu at any time and tweak the difficulty to suit your preferences. You can manually set how challenging combat is, and you can turn on assists, like automatic healing, and making it easier to flick between spells. We’d recommend heading into the options and getting the settings just right for you.

There are no difficulty-related trophies or achievements, either. So no matter how easy or hard you make your time with Forspoken, you can still earn them all.

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