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What Happens When You Die in One Piece Odyssey?

One Piece Odyssey review

While One Piece Odyssey starts out breezy, once you’re past the first chapter battles can get much trickier.

If you keep your wits about you, don’t avoid too many random battles and learn the ins and outs of the combat system, you shouldn’t have much trouble. Bosses will remain troublesome though, forcing you to get the best out of your team and push your skills to the limit in order to survive. Though you might be wondering: what happens when you die in One Piece Odyssey?

First up, it’s inevitable that you’ll have some characters die while while playing One Piece Odyssey. But don’t worry about that: as long as you have other characters to pick them up or swap them out, you’ll be fine. What you don’t want, however, is for all of your active party members to die. If that happens, you’ll get a Game Over.

Getting a Game Over is as bad as it sounds. You won’t get the chance to retry the current battle, or resume your game just at before you got into conflict. Instead, you’ll be thrown back to the main menu, where you’ll either have to reload your last manual save, or continue from the last autosave. One Piece Odyssey doesn’t autosave for you as frequently as you might like, though.

So, the death of your entire party is something you’ll definitely want to avoid in One Piece Odyssey. Make sure you keep players levelled up to deal with the threats they face, top up their health when needed, and try to deal with any status ailments that put you at a disadvantage. And if some of your party members do die, do your best to revive them or switch them out to keep yourself in the fight.

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