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Company of Heroes 3

5 Tips to Help You Win the War in Company of Heroes 3

War isn’t easy and there is no harm in admitting the need of help.

Company of Heroes 3 so brutally captures the difficulty of the Mediterranean Theatre of World War II that even the most veteran RTS players will need help, advice, tips and tricks in order to succeed. Luckily we have you covered.

Read on to find our five tips that will help you get to grips with the basics and win World War II in Company of Heroes 3.

1. That’s Super Effective!

Not all your units are built the same, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. A heavy mounted machine may blow an infantry to smithereens with a hail of bullets, but it will simply tickle a tank. In Company of Heroes 3, it is important you are getting the right units to do the right job.

If you find that your usual attack isn’t working on an enemy force, it is worth looking at their abilities. To do so, check the the grid at the bottom right of the screen. Hovering over abilities will give you a brief explanation of what they do and will also tell you what sort of units these attacks are effective against. This also includes whether it is effective at destroying buildings.

If you are not sure of the normal effectiveness of units that you control, they slightly differ in each faction. You can use the hover trick again over the recruitment of such a unit.

2. If the terrain doesn’t suit you, change it!

If your units are exposed to incoming attack, you’re at risk, no matter how well everything else is going. In order to make sure you are not mowed down by an overeager enemy, you’ll want to adapt to the terrain you are in. If the terrain is impossibly unfavourable, change it.

If the enemy is stacking up in dense city buildings, then send in engineers, mortars and heavy firepower to destroy the buildings. If there’s no cover then create it by building sandbags with your engineers, or use them to build anti tank structures to stop vehicles destroying your rear.

3. Hitch a ride

Getting into good positions doesn’t happen by accident. Prior planning and clever movement are necessary to getting a handle on the battlefield. However, in Company of Heroes 3 you are  able to have your infantry hitch a ride on certain vehicles, such as tanks and other quick mobile units.

This allows you to invest in quick mobile divisions that can devastate your opponent by quickly outmanoeuvring them. The Afrika Korps faction excels at this especially, but each faction can use this ability to get a bit of pace on the battlefield. Just bear in mind that these units don’t jump inside and are vulnerable. This should be a way to move around your own controlled areas rather than directly into the enemy.

4. Remember your upgrades!

One thing we’ve learned about RTS games, from watching the legendary Viper destroyed in Age of Empires II, is to always remember your upgrades. In Company of Heroes 3 this is  as important as ever if you want your units can go from Steve Rogers to Captain America.

If you are investing in motorised divisions, you should make these divisions stronger. A small investment can make a big difference. Obviously you will want a diverse selection of units, but there are certainly those that you will use more of or rely more on. If you can give these units an edge then a small bonus amplifies tenfold.

We have a guide on how to acquire upgrades here.

5. Ping

This is more for online play but can make the difference between winning and losing in Company of Heroes 3. It is important to remember that you will not have access to the tactical pause in multiplayer and so adapting to constant movement is important.

One way to mitigate this issue is to communicate effectively with your allies. By pinging on the map (the ping commands and their shortcuts are highlighted under the minimap), you can make sure your allies are aware of what is around you.

You won’t be able to adapt instantly to change, so being more aware of your surroundings is crucial and pinging will give everyone as much information as possible. Even when on voice chat, the immediate and direct information of exactly where an ally is talking about is invaluable.

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