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Bleak Sword DX (1)

Bleak Sword DX Offers Lo-Fi Fun For Fans of Tense Combat

After thrilling players via Apple Arcade, charming battler Bleak Sword is set to entertain more on PC and Switch.

Imagine a Dark Souls game made for those on the go and you’ll have an idea of what to expect from Bleak Sword DX, a new, expanded and enhaced version of the hit mobile game. Playing as a noble hero, in the game’s standard campaign mode you’ll make your way through chapters, each throwing numerous stages your way. But forget about any notion of exploration: this is all about combat.

Each stage is basically an arena, with one or more fiendish enemies emerging to try and put an end to your adventure. Overcome them all and you’ll move onto the next stage. Fail, and you’ll have to pick yourself up and try again. Those who have played the likes of Dark Souls will be in their element here, with tense combat that demands players to manage stamina and parry as much as they can. Hitting enemies with combo attacks and heavy charged attacks is effective, sure, but a swift counter after putting an enemy off-balance is devastating.

What really makes Bleak Sword DX stand out is its lo-fi presentation. It may be 3D, but its chunky, blocky visuals give it a retro feel. Combined with its limited colour palette, it has an atmosphere that’s all of its own. The soundtrack is pretty unique, too, but it all serves to draw you to the game and keep you hooked with its simple but rewarding gameplay.

Bleak Sword DX 2

The release date for Bleak Sword DX hasn’t been announced yet, but there’s good news if you’re a PC gamer. A demo is available as part of Steam Next Fest, allowing you to play through the game’s first chapter. It’s enough to give you a good taste of what the game offers, though when it does launch later this year it will have plenty more content including new modes for this DX release.

Those fond of the original Apple Arcade version will be pleased to find that the campaign can be enjoyed in its original form or in its new DX incarnation. There are multiple difficulty levels as well, so if Bleak Sword DX piques your interest but you find it a little easy, you can up the ante for more of a challenge.

Bleak Sword DX launches this year on Nintendo Switch and PC. Try the game via Steam right now thanks to Steam Next Fest.

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