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Can You Block or Parry in Atomic Heart?

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Atomic Heart has you fighting humanoid robots, saw-hurling clankers and much more. But can you block their attacks?

After all, a lot of action RPGs let you use your weapon to block incoming physical attacks. Is that an option in Atomic Heart? Can you block in Atomic Heart? The answer is no, there’s no way to block or parry physical attacks using your weapons.

It makes a kind of sense – these are robots you’re dealing with, stronger than most humans. However, all is not lost. There’s two things you can do. First you can dodge attacks. Hitting the B button on the joypad will let you dodge.

You can dodge at any time but when orange circles appear around an enemy, that tells you they’re delivering a powerful attack and you need to dodge or take major damage. But you can’t use your axe to neutralise that attack.

So what’s the second option? The second option, which has to be purchased, is Polymeric Shield. This will block some of the damage you would otherwise take and you actually level it up to turn hits into energy. It’s a hugely useful skill to have and we’d recommend you invest some polymer in it.

But in terms of blocking and parrying in the traditional, weapon-based manner, Atomic Heart won’t let you do that. So no, you can’t block or parry in Atomic Heart, not unless you buy the special Polymeric Shield skill.

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