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Core Keeper Anniversary Update

Core Keeper Celebrates its 1st Anniversary With Some Cake-Heavy Content

Core Keeper has been in Steam Early Access for nearly a year and, to celebrate, it’s getting a chunk of anniversary content.

You don’t need to have been playing Core Keeper for a year, the content will be available to anyone who’s purchased the game. Though if you’ve yet to buy this mining sandbox game, you might want to pick it up now. Why? Because developer Pugstorm has revealed that there’s a price increase in the game’s future.

The anniversary content will include birthday hats, health-boosting birthday cakes and also in-game music from Terraria. On top of that, there’s Easter content on the way, a Japanese cherry blossom festival and more. The content will be seasonal (we’d rather it stuck around) so grab it while you can.

But that’s not all Pugstorm has in store for Core Keeper. The developer has also unveiled the game’s 2023 road map. Beyond those seasonal events, there’s a new crystal biome coming (think wandering around inside a geode) and… wait for it… animals.

Yes, users have been requesting pets and the devs are going to deliver. Well, with a name like Pugstorm, how could they not? You’ll be able to hatch and care for all sorts of critters. Let’s just hope players don’t come back from battling boss after boss to find they’ve starved to death. Pets need care, people.

You can see a rough breakdown of Core Keeper‘s upcoming updates in the image below:

Core Keeper Roadmap spring 2023

The Core Keeper anniversary content arrives this March 8th. The Cherry Blossom Festival also arrives in March and the Easter content hits in April. An unspecified price rise will also arrive after Spring’s animal update.

If you want to know why you should play Core Keeper, check out our early access impressions here. And until the price rise, you pick it up for £10.99/$12.99 on Steam.

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