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Core Keeper’s Quality of Love Update Adds Visual Tweaks and Valentines Day Content

Core Keeper Quality of Love Update

Core Keeper’s Quality of Love update, available today, makes the game a little more lovey-dovey. But that’s not all.

The game, currently in Steam Early Access sees you farming, crafting and monster-bashing in an underground realm. We were absolutely hooked when we got our hands on it and it’s received regular content updates since then. Core Keeper’s Quality of Love update does feature some Valentines Day content but it also makes the game look even prettier.

The Valentines Day content, which will be around till February 28th, lets you craft love letters and, in turn, unlock several related items. We’re particularly tempted by the Cupid Bow which lets you charm your enemies. In other words, you’ve got another alternative to killing monsters (aside from just dodging them).

There’s also a wealth of permanent content, including the additional of musical instruments. Yes, that sounds like a cue to serenade someone but they’ll be sticking around after February 28th. You can also collect sheet music which will let you put several tunes, including guest tunes from Owlboy and Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3 on loop. We give it maybe a week until someone mods in Never Gonna Give You Up.

There’s also the Magic Mirror which lets you customise your character’s appearance at any time. And there’s also a Loom Workbench to craft new wearables. Finally, the whole game’s lighting has been given a kick in the pants, shadows included. Given how many torches and other light sources figure into the game, you should be thoroughly impressed next time you load up the game.

Core Keeper’s Quality of Love update is out right now and with the game’s Early Access anniversary approach we’d expect more in the near future.

Core Keeper is available now in Early Access via Steam.

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