Dreams in the Witch House Opens its Doors This Month

Dreams in the Witch House

Dreams in the Witch House, arriving this February, is the latest adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s eerie short story.

And, from the looks of things, Dreams in the Witch House looks to be a little more faithful than the recent episode of Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities. It’s not that we didn’t like that episode, it just veered wildly away from the actual story.

Dreams in the Witch House, on the other hand, is a point-and-click adventure from Atom Brain Games, and looks to be a little more faithful. Plus, going by the screenshots, you can stave off illness by buying thermal pants, as you do.

If you’ve not encountered some form of the story, it sees a student moving into the titular Witch House. He’s plagued by strange dreams, dreams which he’s able to physically bring things out of. Oh, and the angles in his room are a little off – yes, H.P. Lovecraft was doing that well before House of Leaves.

What’s particularly interesting about this game is that there’s an open-world sandbox element too. You can, apparently, choose not to delve into forbidden knowledge and just get on with your studies. How many horror movie protagonists would be better off if they’d just one that?

We’ve got our fingers crossed that you can just throw the Necronomicon into the fire and we won’t have long to find out, either. Dreams in the Witch House arrives this February 14th on PC. You can wishlist it on Steam here and also take a demo for a spin.