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Get Your Hands on a Ridiculously Cute Grapple Dog Plush Toy

Grapple Dog Plush

Are you fan of Grapple Dog? Now you can pre-order your own Grapple Dog plush toy!

Sure, this Grapple Dog toy doesn’t come with real, working remote control grappling action, but looks very huggable. Technically, he’s Pablo, Grapple Dog is the name of the game, but he’ll always be Grapple Dog to us.

And if you’ve not played Grapple Dog, you absolutely should. Developed by Medallion Games and out on Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch, it’s a joyous platformer that mashes up Sonic the Hedgehog, Rainbow Islands and Bionic Commando. You can read our review here.

So how do you get your hands on this Grapple Dog toy? And how big is this awesome plush? It’s 16cm tall, complete with removable grappling hook, which we’re assuming attaches via velcro. He won’t be arriving till June 2023, but you can pre-order one right now at Makeship.

Hang on.. Makeship? That’s the one catch – this isn’t being handled by Super Rare Games, who published the game. There’s nothing remotely suspect about Makeship, but the way their products typically work is that they’re only produced if enough people pre-order them.

Basically, it’s Kickstarter for soft toys. The Grapple Dog toy campaign is 6% funded with 21 days to go so, hopefully, it’s going to hit its target. If it doesn’t, you won’t be out any money, poor Pablo will just remain unproduced and you’ll get a refund.

So, if you want this little guy grappling around your shelves, get to Makeship and pre-order him for $29.99.

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