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How Many Chapters Are There in Like a Dragon: Ishin!?

Like a Dragon Ishin review

If you’ve started playing Like a Dragon: Ishin! you’ll already know that its story is split into chapters. It’s standard for the series by now.

Each chapter in Like a Dragon: Ishin! lasts around 1-2 hours if you head straight through its dramatic events. And don’t worry if you find some of the early chapters a bit slow – the story picks up and becomes much more entertaining as you progress. As you move from one chapter to the next, however, you might begin to wonder just how many chapters there are.

Overall, there are 14 chapters in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Most take place in Kyo, allowing you to engage in a wide range of activities and substories. Some, though, take place elsewhere, giving you a change of scenery at the expense of freedom. Wondering what the names of the chapters are? You’ll find a list of them below. Though be warned, as some may consider them spoilerish.

Chapter 1. Escaping Home
Chapter 2. The Man Named Saito Hajime
Chapter 3. Mibu Wolves
Chapter 4. Joint Struggle
Chapter 5. The Iron Code
Chapter 6. The Ikedaya Incident
Chapter 7. The Two Ryomas
Chapter 8. The Mad Dog Howls
Chapter 9. Feud of the Ages
Chapter 10. True Identities
Chapter 11. The Great Gamble
Chapter 12. Kyo Ablaze
Chapter 13. The Assassination of Sakamoto Ryoma
Final Chapter. Dawn Breaks

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