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Company of Heroes 3

How to Build Buildings in Company of Heroes 3

Do you need some guidance on how to build buildings in Company of Heroes 3? Don’t worry: here’s what you need to know.

Getting troops to the frontline isn’t as easy as just yelling in some poor attempt to recreate Full Metal Jacket. It requires logistics, training and foundations. It requires buildings, and this is how to build buildings in Company of Heroes 3.

The UI at the bottom right of the screen has a grid that adapts to what you have selected at any current point. Above that grid is a series of tabs. The tab that looks like a house (a delightful-looking suburban semi-detached with a decent sized garden) displays your headquarters options.

From here, you will see the option to build certain other buildings such as a company or platoon outpost. And so, to build something in Company of Heroes 3, click on the required building and then select anywhere within your zone of control. If you are blue then anywhere within the blue borders on the map. Terrain may get in the way but it’s quite straightforward.

One click will select where you want your building, and a second will allow you to choose the direction it is facing.

The builders that construct the buildings will travel from your HQ to the relevant area. As such, it is important you provide safe cover and are sure you can maintain control of the area that you’re building in.

If you cannot select a building as it is greyed out, by hovering over the selection it will tell you what you need in order to construct. It may be that you need to build another building first or you lack the resources.

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