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How to Capture Zones in Company of Heroes 3

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Are you struggling with figuring out how to capture zones in Company of Heroes 3? Here’s what you need to know.

The main focus of any Company of Heroes game is dominating the battlefield. Doing so requires careful planning and clever use of terrain. This involves capturing and maintaining control of strategic points. And that means you’ll need to capture zones while playing Company of Heroes 3.

To capture these strategic points in Company of Heroes 3 you must have an infantry unit with the area of control marked clearly around them. It must be an infantry unit: vehicle units won’t work. This will start a ticker that will build up. And, once completed, you’ll control the point and get the benefits that the chosen strategic point confers.

The more units you have within the area, the quicker you tick up. The whole system is very similar to the original Star Wars Battlefront games on PlayStation 2.

However, if the enemy controls the zone then you will need to first remove their control before you can capture it in Company of Heroes 3. This is done the same way, by having non-mechanised units within the strategic points area. This will then tick towards neutral (shown as white). Once it’s neutral, you will begin ticking up towards your own control.

If at any point there are other enemy units within the vicinity then the conferring of control will stop and be shown to be contested. In that case, before you can capture the zone, you’ll need to wipe out the enemy, or force them out at least, in order to continue.

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