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How to Destroy Buildings in Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 review

 Do you need help with how to destroy buildings in Company of Heroes 3? We’ve got the know-how right here.

There is a surprising amount of construction in war games. Whether it is building bases, factories, or makeshift defences, a lot of foundations get made. That means even more to blow to smithereens. And you’ll need to destroy plenty of buildings to conquer Company of Heroes 3.

There are plenty of buildings to destroy in Company of Heroes 3. In fact, it is probably easier listing the things that cannot be destroyed. For one, strategic points – such as munitions caches – can’t be destroyed; they can only be captured and lost. Certain scenery will also not be destructible, although it may be changed. Roads, for example, may have impact craters from mortars.

However: anything with a white (or if controlled, red or blue) health bar above it can be destroyed. This includes most buildings.

If a building is in a firefight between two infantry units, it will start to wear down but remain largely intact. During the firefight, it will provide a good source of cover or even height advantage, depending on the building height.

Certain units and abilities – particularly those more destructive in nature – will deal more damage to terrain. The Royal Engineers, for the British, have satchel charges that are specifically designed to destroy and breach enemy buildings and heavy machinery.

If you are unsure whether your units and their abilities are highly effective at destroying buildings then you can hover over their icons in the ‘Recruitment’ tab, found at the bottom right of your screen. When they are selected, hover over their abilities. Each aggressive ability will tell you what it is effective against and this will let you know if they can effectively help you breach tactical points on the map.

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