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How to Get More Resources in Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 review

To succeed in Company of Heroes 3, you’ll need to get plenty of various resources. Here’s what you need to know about getting them.

Company of Heroes 3 is less about resource management as it is unit management. Carefully micro-managing your units to best utilise the battleground and hold the ground you occupy is key to winning. But this doesn’t mean resources are completely redundant.  You’ll also need a good supply of resources such as Manpower, Munitions and Fuel to stock your battalions, and here’s how to get more of these in Company of Heroes 3.

To get resources such as Fuel, Munitions and Manpower, you will need to occupy the corresponding strategic points. These strategic points are marked on your map as follows:

  • Fuel outposts are marked with a jerry can
  • Munitions points are marked with an array of bullets
  • Typical strategic points that increase your manpower income are marked by circle and dot

You can read our guide about capturing these points by clicking here. Once these are captured, you will be able to use the resources you’ve gained to create more units, reinforce them and create more advanced units in Company of Heroes 3.

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