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Atomic Heart Harvest Polymer

How to Harvest Infinite Polymer in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart’s polymer fuels your character’s power upgrades. No polymer, no power upgrades. But there’s a place where you can harvest an infinite amount of it.

If you want to get plenty of polymer, you can fill your pockets relatively early on in Atomic Heart. In fact, if you keep going you can, in theory, harvest an infinite amount of the material. So how do harvest lots of polymer in Atomic Heart?

You have to have finished the first underground complex, at which point you’ll emerge from a lift inside a small hut. Normally, you’d go outside, take out the cameras and carry on with the game. After all, you don’t want to alert the killer robots, do you?

Well… it turns out you do and it’ll get you plenty of polymer. Here are the steps:

  • Raise the alarm to level 2 by shooting a robot in front of one of the static cameras or one of the flying cameras.
  • Use your electro gun and your electro-zapping powers (you should have ideally levelled up these a little) to take out as many robots as you can. It’s easier if you leave drone alive to repair the cameras but they should respawn, anyway, from the domed dispenser in front of you.
  • You should be doing this while inside or close to the hut. Very few robots will come inside and even fewer will follow you downstairs.
  • When you’ve killed a few, head downstairs (don’t go in the lift) and wait for the alarm (or alert level as the game calls it) go to back down to zero.
  • Leave the hut and quickly hoover up as many pick-ups as you can using Telekinesis
  • Rinse and repeat. Robots will drop nano med capsules which you can use to heal, so you should have no problem staying in good health. Do watch out for the saw-blade hurling robots, though – they can fling their blades through the doorway.

We’d also recommend you save regularly using the save box downstairs and you can upgrade your abilities with the machine next to it, making it even easier to rake in more polymer.

Will this let you unlock all abilities? No, because some are locked until later in the game. But the ones that are unlocked and just need purchasing are there for the taking.

And that’s how you harvest polymer in Atomic Heart. Enjoy!

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