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How to Heal in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is not an easy game, even if you’re if you’re playing it on its lowest difficulty. And so you’re going to want to know how to heal.

Unlike in many first-person shooters these days, you don’t have a recharging shield in Atomic Heart. You also don’t automatically restore your health if you don’t take any damage for a short while (though you do regenerate a little if you’re very low). Instead, you need to rely on Health Canisters to keep your health topped up Atomic Heart, and using them is thankfully very easy.

With a Health Canister in your possession, all you need to do to heal in Atomic Heart is press the down button on your d-pad. Your character will then retrieve a Health Canister and connect it to his glove to heal. Just be aware that it takes a little time.

Three types of Health Canister are available in Atomic Heart – small, medium and large – with each one restoring a set amount of health. An icon below your health bar shows you which one is currently equipped and how many of them you have available. Larger Health Canisters in your inventory will be used first when healing, so be aware of that to get the most out of them.

You’ll find many Health Canisters as you play, but remember than you can also craft Health Canisters at red vending machines providing you have the blueprints for them. Doing this uses valuable resources, however, that might be better used for crafting new guns, upgrades or ammo.

One final thing to note is that you can also upgrade your character in Atomic Heart, meaning you won’t need to heal as often. You can increase your character’s maximum health, for example, and make it so that they take less melee damage from attacks. Just interact with a red vending machine, choose the second option to upgrade your glove, then select Character on the left hand side to see the upgrades available.

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