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How to Save Your Game in Scars Above

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No one likes losing progress when playing a game, do they? With that in mind, you’ll want to know how you save your game in Scars Above.

While Scars Above looks like your typical sci-fi third-person shooter, it also takes inspiration from the likes of Dark Souls. That means some might find the combat rather challenging, especially when played on higher difficulty levels, and if you die, you’re taken back to your last resting point. If you want to save your game in Scars Above, those resting points, or Alien Pillars, are pivotal.

Basically, to save your game in Scars Above, you need to interact with an Alien Pillar. This will record your progress, as well as replenish your health and refill your ammo. Enemies will be respawned as well. If you want to quit your game at any point, then, you’re best finding and activating an Alien Pillar first.

Fail to find and activate an Alien Pillar, and the next time you play you’ll start from the last one you activated even if you select Return to the Title Screen from the in-game options menu. That means you might lose considerable progress, or at least in some ways. You see, while you might have to fight your way past enemies you’ve already killed, certain key items and objects you’ve interacted with will be remembered.

Ultimately, then, to save your game in Scars Above you need to interact with an Alien Pillar. But an autosave system is also employed when it comes to finding collectibles and removing certain barriers in the world.

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