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How to Unlock Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy

Seen those mysterious eye chests dotted around Hogwarts Legacy and wondering how to open them? Here’s what you need to know.

There are a few different types of chests in Hogwarts Legacy. Some you can open right away. Others you can’t open until you’ve got the Alohomora spell. And then there’s the ones with a huge eyeball on them that you just can’t open. Or so it seems. You can open eye chests in Hogwarts Legacy, but it requires a certain amount of… sneakiness.

You see, when you approach an eye chest in Hogwarts Legacy, it opens its big giant eye. And when it sees you, it locks itself, not letting you open it. If only there was a way to turn invisible! Ah – this is Hogwarts. There is a way to turn invisible!

The answer to opening those pesky one-eyed chests is the Disillusionment Charm. Using the charm turns you invisible, allowing you to sneak up on the chest and open it. Ensure you’re out of sight of the chest when you use the Charm (press R2 plus the face button the spell is assigned to), then sneak up to it. When you’re in range, press square (or X on an Xbox controller) to open the chest and take what’s inside.

The eyeball chests seem to always contain money. We’ve had 500 coins in every one of these chests that we’ve opened. Perhaps not as good as a super rare items, but it’s a useful way of topping up the coffers.

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