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How to Upgrade Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

Are you wondering how to upgrade your gear and equipment in Hogwarts Legacy? Worry not: we’ve got the answers right here.

You might notice that your gear in Hogwarts Legacy gives you the option to upgrade it. But early on in the game, there’s seemingly no way to do it. If you’re like us, you might be thinking you’ve missed a tutorial somewhere. But don’t worry: you’ve just got to wait a while before the option becomes available. A particular story quest later on will teach you up to upgrade your gear in Hogwarts Legacy.

When you’re around level 15, you’ll be given a quest called ‘The Elf, The Nab-sack and the Loom’. This comes after you’ve unlocked the Room of Requirement and completed a few other missions. The House Elf located within the Room of Requirement will teach you two very useful skills: how to rescue magical creatures, and how to upgrade your gear.

The two skills feed into each other, actually. By rescuing magical creatures, you can harvest materials off of them. And it’s those materials that you’ll need to upgrade your gear. Once you’ve finished the quest, you’ll have access to a magical Loom within the Room of Requirement. Interact with the loom and you can upgrade your gear/equipment in a number of ways.

You’ll need to have a large stash of materials, though, so make sure to rescue animals and visit them regularly. And check in to the Loom often to ensure your equipment is always at its best.

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