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How to Use Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

Are you wondering how to use Kelvin in Sons of the Forest? Here’s how.

We’re aware that “How to use Kelvin” sounds like a hauntingly awful question, but he’s the closest thing you’ve got to a friend in Sons of the Forest. And, while you can craft things yourself, it’ll save you a lot of time if Kelvin sorts things out.

Kelvin isn’t a figment of your imagination (we hope); he’s a single player mode NPC who, in the crash, has sustained ear damage and is a bit out of it as well. So don’t expect him to dispatch waves of enemies who may assault your base.

What he’s actually good for is gathering items and building shelters. When you “action” him – the E button the keyboard – you’ll get a little notepad pop up. Using the arrow keys you can direct him to do various things – wait, collect items and so on.

Collecting items is easy enough: instruct him to gather logs, for example, and he’ll go around cutting down trees. You can also tell him to build a shelter or a fire. But the best thing to do with Kelvin is to get him to build structures and so forth.

But – hang on, you can only have him build two items, a fire and a shelter. That’s true, but what you should do is start a building yourself, so you have the white outline of the building. Then, go back to Kelvin and you can direct him to finish it.

It sounds like Kelvin’s really useful – so what’s the catch? Well… as an early access game, Sons of the Forest has a few issues. Mercifully, we’ve yet to encounter this problem ourselves but one YouTuber asked Kelvin to help finish a treehouse.

Since Kelvin needed more wood he started chopping down trees. Can you see where this is going? Yes, he cut down the tree that the treehouse was being built on. You can watch the video above – you can almost feel the player’s pain.

So, use Kelvin to help build things in Sons of the Forest but just remember to keep an eye on him in case he does something silly.

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