Just Six Months After Launch, Rumbleverse is Shutting Down

Rumbleverse Shutdown

Rumbleverse, Epic Games and Iron Galaxy’s multiplayer brawler, has joined the throng of soon to be shut down games.

And, in the case of Rumbleverse, it’ll have barely been six months since the game launched. It sprang to life last August and, as a free-to-play game, also offered a variety of paid cosmetic content. The good news is that those  who paid for in-game content can get a refund.

That’s certainly is more than some other titles are offering. What other titles? Well, the past few months have heralded the end of Babylon’s Fall, Marvel’s Avengers, Chocobo GP and more. And while SplitGate hasn’t shut down, this online shooter’s developers have, a year after full release, move onto a sequel.

So why has Rumbleverse joined this team of “sunsetted” games. Developer Iron Galaxy have issued an open letter, saying that they hope this isn’t the end of the Rumblerverse. From that letter:

“The people who gave Rumbleverse a chance and took it on as a new hobby have validated every day that we put into bringing our ideas to life. We have loved watching you play. We have learned from your stories and your insights. We even passed around the art you’ve created to immortalize your best moments in the streets.”

No, that doesn’t explain why Epic are shutting it down, nor does the other statement posted on the game’s website. But we’d imagine it’s down to the game not getting the player numbers that Epic wanted.

The game will be shutting down this February 28th and Epic will be providing details of how to get refunds. In the mean time, all in-game content will be unlocked. So, if you want to say farewell to Rumbleverse, now’s the time to jump in. Let’s hope that Iron Galaxy’s next project fares better. Divekick 2, anyone?

Rumbleverse is free to play on, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, GeForce Now and PC via the Epic Games Store.