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No Man’s Sky’s Fractal Update Adds PlayStation VR2 Support and More

No Man's Sky Fractal

No Man’s Sky’s new Fractal update gives the game a few fancy new features, extra content, and adds PSVR 2 support.

So if you’ve been looking forward to roaming the galaxy using your newly-purchased PSVR 2 headset, No Man’s Sky Fractal update will do the job. Yes, we’d still like to see pilotable capital ships but that’s probably a pipe dream.

So, if you’ve got a PSVR2 you can roam the galaxy in glorious VR. PSVR2 players will also get tactile feedback through the headset’s controllers. And if you’ve got another VR device? You’ve not been left out – non-PSVR2 support has also been given a few tweaks, making it a better experience.

How so? The personal forcefield – provided you’ve constructed one – is now attached to your non-dominant hand. So, in VR, it should be easier to shoot and block at the same time. Building bases in VR is also easier as you can now place items where you look.

You can read the full update notes, but here are some of the more significant changes. The update is free, as all previous updates have been. We’d still pay good money for pilotable, beam-laser equipped capital ships, though.

Here’s what’s changed or been added:

  • Dynamic resolution scaling is supported on PS5
  • The game now has a whole new suite of accessibility features
  • There’s a new chunk of content, featured around the Utopia Foundation, focused heavily on base building.
  • The Utopia content will also give you a definitely-not-Darth Vader mask.
  • The new Wonders feature will catalogue the various sights you’ve seen – largest carnivore and so forth.
  • HDR lighting has been improved.
  • There’s a new floating robot companion.
  • Completing the Utopia Foundation missions will also net you the new Speeder starship.

No Man’s Sky’s Fractal update is out now. And if you’re wondering if the PSVR2 is worth it, check out our review.

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