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Pokemon Sleep release (1)

Pokemon Sleep is Awakening This Summer

Announced way back in 2019, many have wondered if Pokemon Sleep was quietly cancelled.

Today’s Pokemon Presents, however, has put that idea to rest. Alongside a myriad of announcements regarding various Pokemon titles such as Pokemon Cafe and Pokemon Masters, it was revealed that Pokemon Sleep will arrive this summer.

The aim of Pokemon Sleep is to apparently provide you a reason to be excited about waking up in the morning. It’s an adventure game for smartphones that takes place on a small island where a giant Snorlax resides. Place your phone by your bed at night, and the quality of your sleep will be measured, recorded and analysed. Your sleep will then be categorised as either dozing, snoozing or slumbering, and Pokemon that tend to sleep in the same way will be gathered around Snorlax when you wake up.

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It all sounds a bit weird, but the draw is going to be in waking up to see what type of Pokemon you’ve attracted. You might wake up to find some rare Pokemon that have unusual sleep styles such as goofy or one-eyed sleep, for example. And so, if you want to catch them all, you’re going to have to go to sleep every day and wake up to see what Pokemon are drawn to Snorlax. All the while, you’ll be learning more about your sleeping habits.

Pokemon Sleep will launch for iOS and Android devices this summer, and if you want to improve your experience with it, a new Pokemon GO Plus+ device will be available. If you want to find out what else was announced at Pokemon presents, you can watch the presentation below.

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