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PowerWash Simulator is Getting a Final Fantasy VII Crossover

Power Wash Simulator Final Fantasy VII Special Midgar Pack

PowerWash Simulator is getting another cleaning-crew crossover, this time involving Final Fantasy VII.

The Final Fantasy VII content will be the second chunk of crossover DLC that PowerWash Simulator has received. Just yesterday, this oddly relaxing clean-em-up got a Tomb Raider crossover that, split into several sub-areas, lets you clean Lara Croft’s mansion. Even better, the DLC was entirely free.

So we’re looking forward to getting our hands on the Midgar Special Pack which, like the Tomb Raider content, will also be free. That said, surely it must have cost developer FuturLab a pretty penny to secure those rights?

Probably not, since PowerWash Simulator is published by Square Enix. So negotations likely went smoothly. Based on what FutureLab have teased, you’ll be PowerWashing various Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VII Remake vehicles and locations.

The picture the developer has released shows a motorbike of some kind, possibly the game’s Hardy-Daytona model. So, at the very least, you’ll be cleaning up some two-wheeled transport. You likely won’t see any actual characters, however.

Yes it might be fun to blast Sepiroth the moment he even looks at Aerith wrong but we doubt that’ll happen. The Tomb Raider DLC doesn’t let you freeze Lara’s butler so the chances of dishing out some high-pressure vengeance is minimal.

This PowerWash Simulator Final Fantasy VII crossover content doesn’t have a date. But, based on time between the Tomb Raider tease and its release, we doubt it’s far off.

PowerWash Simulator is available now on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch and also via Game Pass.
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