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PowerWash Simulator Midgar Special Pack Preview: Cleaning in a Materia World

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Way back in 1997, tens of hours into Final Fantasy VII, if you’d have told us that one day we’d be playing a game where we clean some of its iconic vehicles and locations with a power washer, we’d have thought you were mad.

But here we are, in the year 2023, and it is indeed a thing. Out next week, the Midgar Special Pack DLC for Futurlab’s inexplicably engrossing PowerWash Simulator lets you enter the world of Final Fantasy VII in the strangest of ways: being employed by a number of its characters to clean iconic objects and locations.

We’ve played through the first three chapters of the Midgar Special Pack, and had a wonderful time so far. Our first job was a double whammy, cleaning both a Shinra Hauler and a Hardy Daytona. Both have been caked in dirt somehow, which just won’t do for Shinra’s entrance lobby. Beginning with the Shinra Hauler, we found that wasn’t hard to clean at all. The Hardy Daytona, however, with its many intricate parts and nooks and crannies, was a little more troublesome.

After doing a good job, and learning a little about both vehicles along the way, a man called Heidegger gave us our next assignment: cleaning a Scorpion Sentinel. If you thought fighting one was a pain, just try cleaning one. It’s only when you encounter a Scorpion Sentinel in first person that you realise the scale of it; it’s so big that you need scaffolding to do a good job. To reach its crevices and fully complete your through cleanse you’ll have to manoeuvre its arms, get underneath it, and perhaps even mount it.

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Our best job in PowerWash Simulator‘s Midgar Special Pack DLC so far, though, has to be cleaning Seventh Heaven. Some goons have been in and made a mess of the place, covering it in what looks like soot. And so why wouldn’t you want to help the lovable Tifa clean the place up? Plus, she’s paying you. As you set your power washer on the usual items found in a bar, such as chairs, tables and jukebox, you’ll also find some things left behind by members of Avalanche.

Leaning up against the bar there’s Cloud’s Buster Sword – better make sure it’s spotless when he comes back or he might get all moody. Or should we say moodier? And one of Barret’s gun arms is just lying around on a table. Hopefully a deep clean won’t make it misfire. Along with other neat little touches around the place, Final Fantasy VII fans are sure to get a kick out of cleaning this iconic location.

Of course, the Midgar Special Pack DLC will have more things for players to clean as well, but that’s all we can divulge at this point. In any case, there’s one thing for certain: it’s going to be a must-have for anyone that enjoys PowerWash Simulator and is a Final Fantasy VII fan. Our only disappointment with it? Like the base game, there’s no music. Cleaning these items and locations with some of of Final Fantasy VII‘s iconic tracks would have elevated it to the next level. You’ll just have to play them via your phone or something instead.

The Midgar Special Pack DLC for PowerWash Simulator launches 2nd March on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC. And are you ready the for best thing? It’s absolutely free. So, as long as you own PowerWash Simulator on any format you’ll be able to jump in, clean some more things and earn yet more cash. What is there not to love about that?

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