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Preview: Veiled Experts Might Be Your Next Multiplayer Obsession

Veiled Experts

There’s no shortage of competitive team-based multiplayer games to play right now, but you might want to find time for the upcoming Veiled Experts.

From Nexon Games, Veiled Experts allows players to take control of a wide range of agents, each with their own unique perks and abilities. Some of them are more effective at using certain types of weapons, too, so your choice is definitely more than just visual. Regardless of the agents you and your teammates choose to play as, however, success relies on working together and covering each other’s backs.

A free-to-play title, Veiled Experts offers two match types: Team Death Match and Bomb Diffusal. Team Death Match is exactly what you’d expect, with each team of five agents trying to overpower the other to be the first to reach a target score within a time limit. What makes Veiled Experts’¬†take on the mode feel unique is its fast-paced, tactical gameplay. There’s a low time-to-kill, and players need to really coordinate with each other to get the upper hand and emerge victorious.

Further complicating matters is a magnetic field that shrinks as the match goes on. It forces players to keep on the move rather than camp, which many are sure to appreciate. And then there’s the shopping system, which allows players to spend the money they’ve earned during the match in-between respawns. Everything from assault rifles to shotguns are available, as well as tools such as grenades and body armour. And to benefit the team, players can also invest their money into tactics, providing everyone a range of benefits when thresholds are reached. Needless to say, as each match rages on, combat gets deadlier.

Veiled Experts

But it’s Veiled Experts’ Bomb Diffusal match type that is likely to prove the biggest hit with fans. This challenges one team with defending numerous targets while the attackers seek to place bombs on them. Spread over a number of rounds, respawns are disabled, making each encounter a tense affair where once false move can see you meet a quick death and make it easier for the opposing team to succeed.

Like in Team Deathmatch, new weapons and equipment can be purchased as the match goes on, only this time the shopping period takes place between rounds. Both teams get a go at being the attackers and defenders, too, giving them a chance to play to their strengths. And if an attacking team is successful in their goal of placing a bomb and keeping on the pressure until it explodes, the map will be changed for the rest of the match; the blast perhaps destroying a building or making a shortcut.

Veiled Experts

After spending close to two hours with Veiled Experts, we feel like we have a good grasp of what it has to offer. More importantly, we’re keen to jump back in to learn more about each of its unique agents and engage in its heated, thrilling gunfights. This is a team-based competitive multiplayer game where working together really is key. And thanks to its quirky characters, fast-paced gameplay and unique features, we feel it might quickly find itself an avid base of players.

Veiled Experts is coming to Steam later this year. For more information, and to add the game to your wishlist, visit its Steam page.

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