PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 22.1 Will Add Polar Bears and More

PUBG Battlegrounds Bears

PUBG: Battlegrounds update 22.1 adds polar bears to the game, polar bears that can and will take your face off.

That’s not to say PUBG Update 22.1 turns the online shooter into some kind of bear-tle royale, but if you get too close to the bears they will attack you and, if you’re not careful, kill you. And it’s absolutely fantastic.

After a previous update added exploding fuel pumps, we thought PUBG couldn’t get any sillier. But no, developer and publisher Krafton has really dialled up the daftness, and we’re hoping it leads to a flood of people grumbling that a polar bear lost them the match. Since the bears can be killed, maybe they should ask famed polar bear-puncher Brian Blessed for help.

While adding polar bears certainly warrants its own update, that’s not the only thing PUBG update 22.1 changes. You can find the full patch notes here, but the highlights include:

  • “Moonlight” weather, which includes polar lights in the sky. Like the polar bears, this is only available on the Vikendi map.
  • You can use a new 4x thermal scope to spot players sneaking around.
  • Vikendi caves now get supply drops.
  • The MK12 weapon has been rebalance to be that little bit fairer.
  • Pickup Trucks and UAZ now have trunks.

If you’ve not tackled PUBG: Battlegrounds and polar bears are enough to get you playing, it’s available free-to-play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. As for the update, it’s available right now on PC test servers and will arrive on all platforms this February 14th/15th.