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Resident Evil: Death Island

CGI Movie Resident Evil: Death Island is Coming this Summer

Resident Evil: Death Island’s teaser trailer looks cool but it’s lacking one important detail.

No, not a release date – Resident Evil: Death Island‘s teaser trailer reveals that the CGI movie is arriving this summer. And, thanks to the trailer, we know that it’s going to feature Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Jill hasn’t featured in any of the other three animated movies so this’ll be a long-awaited return for the character.

The trailer does, also, give some clues at to what’ll be going on (the movie takes place in the same universe as the games). It sees the characters defending themselves from various nasties and includes a shot of a prison. Does that sound familiar?

It might – it looks as if we’re getting something along the lines of Resident Evil: Code Veronica. But in this case, the island in question is Alcatraz. We wonder if they’ll run into Sean Connery?

No, the all-important piece of information that’s sadly absent is.. will we get Sassy Leon? Leon is at his best when he’s wisecracking, as proved by the excellent Resident Evil: Damnation movie. But the last animated movie, Vendetta, turned him into a bit of a gloomy guts. Come on, Capcom – give us our wisecracking, floppy-haired hero back!

You can check out the trailer above and watch Resident Evil: Death Island when it arrives this Summer. And cross your fingers for Sassy Leon.

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