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Show Your Love With These Broken Sword Valentine’s Day Cards

Broken Sword Valentines Day Cards

Did you and your loved one share an interest in globetrotting point-and-click adventures? Then these Broken Sword Valentine’s Day cards could be for you.

Revolution Software, creators of the Broken Sword series, have launched a series of six cards, featuring characters from the games. Aside from series protagonists George Stobbard and Nicole Collard, there are a trio of other characters, just waiting to convey your message of love.

Sure, George and Nicole’s romance went off the boil for ten years, but we’re sure your partner isn’t going to read anything into that. Actually, now we think about it, maybe go with aristocrat Lady Piermont, tailor Todryk or the friend-zoned André Lobineau. No, wait a second…

However your card may be received (each comes with its own message), all six are available for purchase right now. They’ve apparently been prompted by fan demand though there’s no Lure of the Temptress or Beneath a Steel Sky ones. Maybe next year.

So how much are these cards going to set you back? Excluding postage, they’re priced at £5.00. Each. Yes, even by regular Valentine’s Day standards, that’s a bit pricey. For a fiver, we’d expect a sound-chip that played voice-lines from the games. Still, if Broken Sword holds a special place in your and/or your partner’s heart, it may be worth it.

You can purchase the cards here, from the Revolution Software merchandise store. And if not, there’s always a late-night garage open somewhere.

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