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Sons of the Forest Has Gone From Full Release to Early Access

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is coming this month, but in a surprise move its going to be a Steam Early Access game.

True, the prequel to Sons of the Forest, simply called The Forest, was also an Early Access title. But, up until now, this survival game was set for a full release this February 23rd. It’s already been delayed twice, so its state of readiness may have something do with this sudden move.

We were looking forward to getting our hands on Sons of the Forest, because we got a big kick out of the original. The whole native mutants/cannibals was slightly suspect but it was still a lot of fun. Even now, we remember cowering in the remains of fallen plan while our flesh-hungry foes ran around outside.

Should you be worried that the game is now Early Access? We are, admittedly, a little concerned. You could spend $29.99 on the game and end up with a game that never leaves Early Access. Speaking of $29.99, that was indeed the price set for the original, full release. But developer Endnight Games hasn’t announced any price reduction to reflect its new Early Access status.

The original The Forest was hugely popular with streamers, so maybe Endnight is gambling that Sons will have the same uptake. But if you’re planning on purchasing it you might want to wait till you see what state it’s in.

Sons of the Forest is set for February 23rd release, arriving on PC via Steam Early Access.


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