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PlayStation VR2 Faq

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 FAQ Answers Some Important Questions

With the PlayStation VR2 just over a fortnight away, Sony has posted a FAQ, detailing what you need to know about the second-generation VR headset.

Well, maybe not everything you need to know about the PlayStation VR2. “Will I regret buying a headset that costs more than the console it requires?” remains unanswered. We hope not but we’ll know for sure a couple of years down the line. Yes, we’re still bitter about the Sega Mega CD.

The FAQ again reiterates that no, PlayStation VR games won’t work on the PlayStation VR2. It also states that while some games may get PSVR to PSVR2 upgrades, that’s entirely at the publisher/developer’s discretion. Likewise, it’s up to them whether they charge for that upgrade.

It also states that the PlayStation VR2’s controllers won’t be sold separately, at least for now. That’s a little worrying and will hopefully change further down the line. What happens if you accidentally break a controller? Since the FAQ also states that both controllers need to be powered on for PSVR to work, you could end up being unable to use your £500+ headset.

So what else does the FAQ reveal? Here are some of the notable points.

  • PlayStation VR2 will require a TV to set up but once you’ve done that, you can play PSVR2 games without a television. Along those lines, you can turn your TV off while playing.
  • Aside from Zoom, every PlayStation 5 accessibility feature will be available on the PSVR2.
  • You can only use one headset per console.
  • At the very least you need a square metre of space.
  • You can use the headset’s function button to enable See Through View, letting you see what’s going on in the room without removing the headset.
  • You can wear your glasses in the headset, apparently without the need for an extension piece.

You can read the whole FAQ here, on the official PlayStation blog. And if you’re wondering what PSVR2 games will be available at launch, check out the latest additions here.

The PlayStation VR2 headset, which requires a PlayStation 5, launches this February 22nd. It’s priced at $549.99 / €599.99 / £529.99 / ¥74,980 and can pre-ordered at direct.playstation.com.

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