Spirited Thief is Bringing Spook-Assisted Robbery to PC

Spirited Thief

We’ve got good and bad news about Spirited Thief, a spook-assisted stealth game that’s hitting PC this summer.

The good news is that Spirited Thief looks like it could be a lot of fun, casting you both as thief Elaj and ghost Trin. As Trin, you’ll get to roam these fantasy-world locations relatively unhindered, scouting things out for Elaj.

Then, jumping into the thief’s sneaky shoes, you’ll strip the place of its valuables. Yes, there’ll be magical barriers and guards to contend with, but at least you’ll have some spectral insight to assist you. And, since it’s a top-down, turn-based game, you’ll hopefully be able to see the guards coming.

You can also dispatch the guards though we doubt Trin approves of this strategy, what with being dead and all. The trailer suggests that, while you can gank the guards, letting them know you’re there is a bad, bad move. For all the game’s magic there’s not a cardboard box in sight.

The bad news is that developer Koi Snowman Games called it Spirited Thief, when GhostBurglars is right there. Sure, they might get sued by Columbia Pictures, but that’s a small price to pay for a pun like that. Maybe the developer could start a GoFundMe to cover the settlement.

Ghostbur.. sorry, Spirited Thief, is set to arrive on PC this Summer and you can wishlist it on Steam right now. There’s also a demo that’ll let you get a taste for this unusual team-up. Let’s just hope no-one calls in an exorcist.