Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Has Been Delayed Till April

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, originally set for a mid-March release, has now been delayed until the end of April.

So you’ll have to wait six weeks longer to get your hands on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, follow up to 2019’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Announced in May of last year, it sees Jedi Cal Kestis staying out of the Empire’s way.

Because, set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, the vast majority of the Jedi were annihilated through Order 66. And the Emperor and his bucket-headed minion are keen to dispatch any stragglers. Can Cal Kestis overthrow the Empire? No, since we know precisely who ends up doing that. But he’s definitely going to cause a stir.

According to developer Respawn, it’s been delayed to “..achieve the level of polish our fans deserve.” We’d joke about needing a lot of wood polish but the beard does make Cal Kestis look more interesting. And we’d rather have a delayed game than a broken or a crunch-enforced one.

There should, certainly, be plenty to look forward to. Aside from lightsabering bad guys, and mysteriously failing to dismember them, Cal can also wield a blaster, so long-distance foes really have something to worry about.

The game is now set for an April 28th release, landing on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC.

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