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This Duke Nukem 3D The Thing Map is Out of This World

Duke Nukem 3D The Thing

If you’re a fan of John Carpenter’s The Thing, this Duke Nukem 3D Outpost 31 map will blow your mind.

Released a surprising ten years ago, we have Dan Douglas to thank for cluing us into this solo Duke Nukem 3D The Thing level. Douglas is working on his own Duke Nukem 3D project, the amazing Duke Smoochem, a tongue-in-cheek slice of British life built using the game’s Build Engine.

This Outpost 31 level isn’t anywhere nearly as expansive as Smoochem, but it’s still extremely impressive. Not only does it recreate the layout of the movie’s chilly research outpost, it does so without using any extra textures or items.

Yes, while it does make cool use of some sound effects and music from the movie, everything else uses the game’s basic textures and so forth. There are no enemies to fight though, if you can figure it out, there is an ending of sorts. But we were happy to just potter around, exploring the intact but deserted Outpost 31.

It’s the work of modder Forsete, and it’s a crying shame that there’s still no new official The Thing game. It’s time someone remastered the 2002 original or just plain started from scratch. John Carpenter’s The Thing, which features a shape-shifting, human-infecting alien, seems like a shoe-in for an Among Us-style impostor game.

You can download the map here. You’ll also need the eDuke front end and the full Duke Nukem 3D game to play it.

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