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This Resident Evil Village VR Trailer is Surprisingly Lady D Free

Resident Evil Village VR Mode

Resident Evil Village VR has a new trailer out and it’s missing something important.

Sure, it shows the free Resident Evil Village VR add-on in action and, while we’re slightly disappointed it’s PlayStation VR2 only, it’s still very impressive. Capcom haven’t half-arsed this VR conversion, they’ve put real work into it, as evidenced by the trailer.

So instead of going to the map screen, you hold a paper map in your werewolf-chewed hands. When you have to open a door, you insert the key into the lock, you can meddle with all manner of objects and so on. Blasting away at enemies looks more fun in VR, though we also suspect it’ll be a little harder than regular play. Oh, and you can mess about with the piano – hope no-one objects to our musical talents.

But there’s very little sign of Lady Dimitrescu, Resident Evil Village’s towering vampire lady, barring a brief background glimpse. Given that the free VR upgrade is a week away from release we’d be very surprised if we got another trailer. Perhaps seeing Lady D in VR would be just too much for the internet to handle. Or maybe Capcom would just rather you experience those encounters yourselves.

So when and how can you get your hands on Resident Evil Village VR? You’ll need to wait till February 22nd, which is PSVR2 launch day. You’ll need the PS5 version of the game and, of course, a PSVR2. The good news is the upgrade is free for owners of the base game. So you won’t need last October’s paid Winters Expansion.

And what about PCVR? Resident Evil Village VR is PSVR2 only, we’re afraid. But there is a free user-made VR mod, which you can find here. And if you want an example of what not to do, check out Eurogamer’s fantastic hands-on.

What’s in the PSVR2’s box?

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