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Two Point Campus

This Weekend, Two Point Campus Goes Free to Play On Steam

Two Point Campus, the university-themed follow-up to Two Point Hospital, is free to play on Steam.

Don’t worry, Two Point Campuswhich we awarded an outstanding 9 out of 10 – isn’t turning into a micro-transaction laden nightmare. It’s just free to play this weekend, up to and including Monday the 13th of February.

And, should you be sufficiently hooked by this tongue-in-cheek university management game, you can pick it up for 30% off, making it $27.99/£24.49. It’s also 30% off on other platforms, too.

But that’s not all. The game now has a handful of Valentines Day content, again, coming to all platforms. Not unlike Core Keeper, in fact. There’s Valentines Day balloons, a two-person duvet, outfits more. Cupid might even turn up, leaving Love Bombs all over the place. We’re hoping that’s a little less filthy than it sounds.

However, the difference between this and Core Keeper’s event is that the Valentines Day content – which is free – will stick around. The free weekend – which has kicked off now – will end Monday 13th Feb. But the balloons and so on will continue to be available for you to dot all over campus.

You can download the PC version of Two Point Campus for free via Steam, and also purchase it on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.

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