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Trust GXT 716 Rizza

Trust GXT 716 Rizza Illuminated Gaming Chair Review

Trust GXT 716 Rizza is comfortable, sturdy and just a little bit ridiculous. And we’re entirely onboard with that.

You don’t, strictly-speaking, need a chair that glows. But as excellent as our other chair, the AndaseaT Jungle 2, is, we just can’t resist the Trust GXT 716 Rizza’s fancy LED features. And, given that you can use a remove to change the chair’s colour or have it cycling rainbow-fashion, the Rizza is a streamer’s delight.

However, before you think we’re being blinded by pretty lights, we’d like to assure you that this is an excellent chair in its own right. It’s designed for weights up to 150KG: in comparison, that’s a step above the Jungle 2 but a step below the AndaSeaT T-Pro 2‘s 200KG.

Assembly is a little awkward with just one person, but doable. However, we’d recommend you have someone lend you a hand. We were expecting to have to manually insert the LED strips but it’s simply a matter of clipping a couple of cable ends together. And then you have to plug it into a USB charger, right?


Surprisingly, no. You can do that if you’d prefer – and that’s the option we went for. But the Rizza also includes a 10,000 mAH power bank. You can charge it up, then tuck it into the pocket on the chair and you’re good to go. The remote also sits neatly in that same pocket.

As for comfort? The chair’s made out imitation leather, with a hexagon pattern on the seat and back. It also made us less likely to slip around – not that tumbling off a chair is a problem we’ve had. Often. No matter how far we tilted the chair back, we felt secure.

And, while the chair does include lumbar and neck pillows, it offered plenty of back support as is. What it doesn’t include is a foot rest, something that some other chairs do feature. But we’ve only periodically made use of foot rests so we can’t say we missed it.

One gripe we did have, probably an isolated a manufacturing issue, is that the top of the head-rest was slightly more raised on one side. Our head wasn’t touching that side and maybe we could have squashed it down. But we weren’t about to risk breaking the LED internals.

Trust GXT 716 Rizza

We’d also have liked some kind of Google/Alexa connectivity, or a method of connecting it to Twitch. How cool would it be for streamers if, when they got a comment, donation or so on, that their chair lit up? The correct answer is, of course, “very”. But adding such a feature could raise the price beyond its current £269.99.

Are you paying extra for the Trust GXT 716’s RGB features? Yes – to the tune of around £40. The Trust GXT 708 looks to be much the same chair, minus the glow. But, even though we don’t typically stream, we’ve got very attached this RGB-assisted wonder. It’s a gimmick that’s worth the slightly higher asking price, in our opinion.

It’s comfortable (with plenty of posture support), durable and just a little bit silly. And, aside from asking Alexa to Activate the Laser Chair, what more could you ask for?

More comfort for your butt

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